As the name of this category already hints here you can find a huge assortment of accessories for Chinese brush painting, for Sumi-e and for Chinese and Japanese Shodo or Kanji calligraphy. Most of the items in this section are hand made in small manufactories in our region using regional materials such as Chinese wood, Chinese porcelain, ceramic and suchlike.

It was not an easy task to select this portfolio of traditional Oriental brush painting supplies since we are lucky to have access to a very large selection of lovingly hand crafted products and we attempted to present the most beautiful ones to you.

On the following pages you can find Chinese brush painting accessories such as traditional water droppers, products to safely store your brushes such as calligraphy brush stands, sumi brush hangers and racks, brush holders and brush wraps made of bamboo. Then of course the porcelain products are often devices to wash your brush, store or grind ink such as Chinese ink slabs, ink containers or traditional Chinese water droppers - most of them with beautifully done hand paintings according to the century old Chinese art of Chinese ceramic craft featuring Chinese flowers, Chinese roaring and twining dragons and traditional Chinese decorative painting patterns.

Then of course we could not miss to add hand carved wooden Chinese and Oriental paper weights with different carving techniques, wooden learning material and book stands, paper cutting knives and Chinese woolen felt pads (known as Shijatiki pads in Japanese and Sumi painting) to absorb excess liquid on your painting.

In the unlikely case that you are looking for a Chinese or Japanese brush painting accessory or tool which you cannot find in this section, please do not hesitate to call us or to send us an email via our online contact form and we will try our best to find the required product for you.