Brush Painting Practice Watercolor Palette

Writing and Painting Accessory

Dimensions: Diameter 6.4 in x Height 1.0 in / Diamter 16.0 cm x Height 2.5 cm
Usage: To contain ink and color
More Info: Material: Plastic

One of the fundamental tools of any artist is the palette. For those working in traditional Chinese arts, from calligraphy writing to both Fineline and Sumi-e painting, a palette will also be a crucial tool for you.

For beginners, the palette can be a daunting utensil as you learn to mix inks together—or water and inks—learning to achieve just the right color and/or just the right consistency. This Palette is an extremely simple device that will have you quickly on your way to mastering your preferred art form in no time at all.

Made of plastic, the palette has seven cells for ink arranged in a blossom shape, including a compartment in the middle. Particularly for beginners who may not want to invest in a more expensive porcelain palette, this palette is the perfect choice for a tool you undoubtedly will use again and again.