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In this category you find the complete overview of our portfolio of all hand-made Chinese and Japanese brushes. In total we have brushes with bristles made of more than 10 different types of hair - some mixed hair brushes, some made of only one hair type depending on the painting technique they will be used for.

Also from a price and usage point of view this selection offers something for everyone. You should be able to find products for all kinds of Oriental brush painting and calligraphy writing - however, many Western artists also tend to prefer using Chinese brushes for Western art forms such as oil or acrylic painting.

To make it convenient for you to browse our selection you can filter the brushes via different categories such as price, tip resilience, hair material and hair type. The filter for tip resilience and hair type is more or less identical in the results you get - but since some painters and calligraphists refer to their brushes as soft, hard or mixed hair brushes, others prefer referring to the resilience of the tip, we wanted to make sure that for both it is equally easy to find the brush they need.

If you prefer to narrow down your search, just look for brushes that come as sets in the brush set category, for specialty brushes which are used for special painting techniques or for techniques related to painting but not painting itself such as mounting - please take a look at the Special Use Brushes category.

If you are a professional painter with a special need for very large big canvas brushes or if you would like to purchase a brush which is unique in terms of craftsmanship, material and a beautiful decoration item to collect, you will be lucky in the Collectors Brushes category.


Our goal when creating this shop was to offer the largest selection of Chinese brushes but in case there is a specific Oriental brush you have been looking for a long time but could not find it, please let us know. We are sure we can either find it or for you or have a specific brush customized for you. Just drop us an email via our online contact form.