SCHOLAR OF THE DRAGON - Qing Tang Wood Foldable Book Stand

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This solid, hand-carved, wooden book stand is suitable for larger or heavier learning material for brush painting or calligraphy. What makes it special is the fact that it is made of Qing Tan tree wood – wood of the same tree of which the bark can be found in the famous Xuan paper. This book-stand is decorated with two traditional Chinese lion heads overlooking your progress in painting or writing.


Painting & Calligraphy Book Stand / Rack, Foldable & Hand Carved

Usage: to position learning material - books or painting cards
Dimension: Unfolded - W 16 in x D 12 in x H 14 in / W 40 cm x D 30 cm x H 36 cm Supporting Surface: W 16 in x H 14 in / W 40 cm x H 36 cm
Decorative elements: Twining Dragon Head Carvings
More information: Made of Qing Tan Tree Wood


Most painting book racks only support lighter books or painting cards which is the reason why we decided to add this book stand which is more solid and sturdy. Due to its bigger size than smaller racks, it also supports heavy learning material such as thick Chinese or Japanese painting books. The wood feels very solid and smooth under the touch of your hand. The upper bar gradually transforms from mere wood into two dragon torsos ending in skillfully carved dragon hands making this rack not only a merely functional object but a nice decorative item for your study.