MODESTY - Hand Carved Wooden Brush Painting Paper Weight Set

Pair of hand carved wooden paper weights with a traditional Chinese poem carved which describes the virtues needed to become an exceptional brush painting or calligraphy master. Apart from the poem in Xing Shu calligraphy script, there are decoratively carved flower patterns on each of the two weights. If you want to know details about the carving, please read the detail description.


Oriental Paper Weight Set with hand carved Flower Patterns and Poem

Dimensions: 12.0 in x 1.5 in x 0.9 in / 30.0 cm x 4 cm x 2.5 cm
Usage: To fix paper for art creating
Packaging: Come with a gift box
Decorative Elements: A carved poem
More Info: Weight: 450 g / per piece


Carved on this pair of Modesty Paper Weights are the Chinese characters for the following short poem :

The sharp blade of a treasured sword can only be obtained from a continuous polishing, while the fragrance of the plum blossom from the deadly cold winter.

What this is saying is that truly great talent and exceptionally great characters are only acquired through consistent hard work from people that don’t give up.

This poem can be applied to anyone working to write calligraphy or paint Sumi-E and Fineline paintings. The only way to be truly exceptional at this art is to continuously practice - and even then you will be refining your skills for as long as you continue to create art.

So, if you are learning calligraphy and Chinese painting, try to encourage yourself at all times, even when feeling most discouraged. Having these paper weights around your workspace can be a great way to accomplish this sometimes trying task.