LOTUS FLOWER - Relief-Carved Catalpa Wood Paper Weight

This set of paper weights puts an end to the known problem of paper crinkles allowing you to paint on a flat and even paper surface. These weights are beautifully hand-carved, depicting a row of Lotus Flowers on a lake. Because of the consistency of the wood and the carving the weights feel very smooth and good in your hands. This product is made of premium quality Black Catalpa Wood (黑梓木).


Chinese Wooden Paper Weight Set with relief-carved Lotus Flowers

Decorative elements: relief-carved Lotus flowers
Dimension: L 12 in x W 2 in x H 1 in / L 30 cm x W 5 cm x H 3 cm
Usage: to flatten paper for painting and writing
Packaging: comes in a padded gift box
More Info: made of Chinese Black Catalpa Wood (黑梓木); Weight 1 pound / 500 grams (each)


Due to strong demand among our customers we are trying to add some more paper weights to our portfolio which are not only useful but also beautiful. This set comes from a newly found manufactory which is entirely dedicated to hand-carved wooden paper weights. This set is of premium quality which you can see when you look at it but also when you hold one of the paper weights in your hands. The carving pattern is the one of a traditional Chinese Lotus-Pond scene as you can often find it on Chinese paintings as well.