LAZY GIRAFFE - Hand Carve Wooden Brush Rack-Stand

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Beautiful handmade, giraffe-shaped wooden calligraphy brush painting rack to store your valuable art brushes the right way and ensure the sensible brush tip will be kept in excellent condition. A hand picked brush stand that also functions as a highly decorative item on your art desk.


Brush rack carved as a giraffe for calligraphy and sumi-e brushes

Dimension: 5.4 in x 3.2 in x 15.0 in / 13.5 cm x 8.0 cm x 37.5 cm
Decorative elements: Hand carved Giraffe
Usage: To hang up brushes


The Cute Giraffe Brush Rack is exactly what its name would imply, and is the perfect decorative brush holder for your studio. Designed to make use of the long necks of giraffes, the holder can hold relatively long brushes that might be too long for other holders.

The giraffe itself is carved out of a wood that has been stained a dark red to give a touch of elegance to this wonderful brush rack. The giraffe and the base are on two pieces of wood that can be separated, and the ornamental base has been carved beautifully to ensure it looks just as good as the giraffe carving itself.

Two pegs extend from either side of the giraffe to hang your brushes on. The Cute Giraffe Brush Rack is the perfect combination of decoration and functionality, and will be a gorgeous and beautiful addition to any studio.