Each experienced Oriental brush painter knows the situation that whenever a specific brush is needed, it might be there but a variation in the tip size might come handy. Either the bristles are too long or too short. In order to help solve this, we added a category of brush sets.

The Chinese brushes you can find here can mostly be used for both - calligraphy writing and Sumi or Ink and Wash painting. We tried to create sets of the most often used and most popular brushes which are often required to be handy in different sizes. That way, once you are familiar and happy with one type of brush, you do not need to switch the type or brand but just use the same brush in another size. The differently sized brush of the same set or type will have the same or very close characteristics as the first one and you will know which behavior to expect from each brush of one set.

You might be familiar with Chinese brush sets coming in fancy gift boxes, however, we advise you to be careful with these. Many Chinese paint brush or calligraphy sets which come in beautiful boxes are mere souvenirs sold to Western tourists travelling in China. The sellers seem to often focus more on the appearance than the things which are the main reason for the fame of Chinese Sumi and calligraphy brushes - its superb characteristics when writing or painting with it due to the quality of the materials used and the skills of the brush making craftsman.