Most of the products which you can find in this category are products related to Chinese Ink and Ink Sticks or used to prepare the ink. These accessory products such as Chinese ink slabs or ink stones and Oriental water droppers, both used for calligraphy and for sumi, gongbi and fineline paintings can also be found in the accessory section but for your convenience we decided to list them here as well.

Together with Chinese rice paper, Oriental brushes and the ink stick, the ink slab is what is often referred to as one of the "Four Treasures of the Study" in traditional Chinese brush arts. The type and quality of the ink slab determines the outcome of the ink once water is added and the ink stick grounded on the stone. A special type of ink stone we carry is the so-called She Yan (歙砚) stone which many calligraphers and brush painters in China like since the grinding produces little or no sound at all.

The other ink accessories in this section are traditional Chinese water droppers allowing you to carefully add the necessary amount of water to the ink being grounded on the ink slab until it has the desired consistency. An air outlet on the top of the water dropper allows you to perfectly dose the water you add to your ink thus avoiding the ink to become too liquid.