After running our shop for some time, we realized that many artists have a need for unique brushes for their Oriental artworks which are hard to find outside of China. Especially when it comes to extra large or super-sized brushes, brushes with extra long bristles in the tip or a tip thickness which is unusual these cannot be found easily. On top of that most brushes that are sold to professional artists to paint on large scale canvases are industrial brushes which do not have the characteristics required from a brush manufactured specially for Chinese or Japanese painting.

Here, the experience of centuries of brush making in China and our large network of local brush-makers, craftsmen and little family-style manufactories comes to help. The big brushes we offer combine the advantages of a very large brush with the characteristics which make Classic Chinese Brushes such a sought after product. No matter how big the brush is, it might require some special skill to handle it in the beginning but once it is mastered, it can be used for similar techniques normally applied when painting Sumi or writing calligraphy on smaller papers or canvases.

The beautiful thing about our Extra Large and Collectors' Brushes is also the care and attention to detail of the brush makers resulting in each Chinese brush being an artwork by itself. Only the finest materials are used in the creation of these brushes - mostly traditionally used Chinese woods, carefully selected animal hair for the bristles of the brush tip or water buffalo horn for the handle.

For this reason, many of our clients do not only buy brushes from this category as a mere tool for Oriental painting or Kanji / Shodo calligraphy but as a decorative collectors item for their studio or home. Once you hold one of our hand made extra large brushes in your hands for the first time, you will feel right away how much experience and craftsmanship is involved in creating such a master brush.