We named this category "Classic Brushes" since the brushes you can find here are the basic brush types every Oriental Painter or Calligraphist should have in his toolkit for the basic techniques of Chinese Calligraphy, Japanese Shodo or Kanji calligraphy and for Sumi painting which we refer to as Ink and Wash or Shuimohua (水墨画) painting here in China. Still, since our selection is so large Gongbi, Lingnan school or fineline painters will also find the brushes they require for their painting styles.

We observe that more and more often, painters of Western painting styles contact us due to the superior workmanship of hand made Chinese brushes compared to the industrially manufactured brushes you can normally purchase in Western countries.

When selecting the brushes we add to our portfolio we focus on several things. First of all, we make sure that the materials used for each brush are of outstanding quality and - if possible natural materials which have been used for Chinese brushes for millennia.

In a second step, we prefer to buy from small local craftsmen and manufactories we have a close relationship to since we would like to contribute our share in keeping the century old tradition of Chinese brush making alive and support the local culture and heritage. This often allows us to design our own favorite brushes and have our brush makers manufacture them for us according to our needs. At the same time, it allows us to offer a customization service to our clients creating unique hand made brushes according to their specific needs.