Specialty or Special Use Brushes are Oriental or Chinese brushes which are either not directly used for painting purposes or they are used for techniques and styles which are more difficult to handle or quite rare nowadays.

On one hand, there are all types of brushes with the purpose of mounting a Chinese artwork created on fine Xuan paper the traditional way on a backing paper. For mounting purposes, there are two main types of brushes. One type is used to apply the hand-made mounting paste to the main artwork paper, the other type of brushes - mostly more sturdy and of hand woven tree fiber - is used to apply the backup paper on the main artwork paper without bubbles or creases.

The other type of brushes found in this category are brushes with unusual tips for special painting purposes. Brushes made of chicken feather for example allow for stunning patterns and textures which are often used in Oriental landscape brush painting.

We wanted to avoid confusion and make the separation of the different kinds, types and styles of brushes we have as clear as possible to allow for an easy and convenient browsing and search experience - allowing our customers to find the Oriental brush they need in no time without getting lost. Therefore, all the brushes which are not directly related to the main process of artwork creation but merely getting the artwork ready for display can be found here. Then, brushes which are used for painting or calligraphy but mainly for techniques, styles or usage modes which differ from these of Classic Chinese Brushes are also added to this category.