100% Happiness Guarantee

For us it is not only important that our clients are satisfied with our products and services but that they are ENTIRELY happy.

You may have suggestions, or you might want to give us recommendations on how to improve our shop - please share them with us.

We actually WANT to talk to you if you have any questions, concerns, or issues with your order.

We know all our products in detail and it is our mission to make you a happy “Asian Brushpainter” customer for a lifetime. We are on the front line every day, we know how to use our products, which paper or brush serves which purpose, things you need to pay attention to and we can give you advice on how to improve your satisfaction when working with our tools.

 So just give us a shout, we would love to hear from you. Every email request is answered within 1 day. If  your inquiry is a bit complicated we suggest you mail your phone number and time zone to us so we can give you a call - it really is that simple!

Hope to talk to you soon!

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Lulu Wang & Team,