TWIN DRAGON - Calligraphy and Sumi Brush Stand Rack


Traditional wooden brush rack with two hand carved protruding dragon heads. This calligraphy or sumi-e brush Stand allows you to store your brushes safely by hanging them after cleaning. We have several sizes in stock to assure that all brush lengths are being catered for.

 Wooden Brush Rack for Sumi-e & Calligraphy Brushes

S: 10.0 in x 4.2 in x 14.3 in / 25.6 cm x 10.9 cm x 36.5 cm
M: 12.4 in x 4.5 in x 16.3 in / 31.5 cm x 11.6 cm x 41.5 cm
L: 14.3 in x 5.5 in x 19.2 in / 36.5 cm x 14.2 cm x 49 cm
Usage: To hang up brushes
Decorative Elements: A relief stretching dragon
More Info:
The hangers for the Brush Racks:
S: 6 pairs of hangers
M: 7 pairs of hangers
L: 8 pairs of hangers


Both the mystical dragon and brush racks hold very special places in Chinese art, so it is logical that a dragon would inspire a brush rack. And that is exactly what we have here with the Stretching Dragon Brush Rack.

The legend of the Dragon (Long) dates all the way back to ancient China. As an agricultural society, the Chinese people created the magical creature hoping to find a way to control the rain. Legends describe the dragon as a combination of several animals - it has the body of a snake, the claws of an eagle, the scales of a fish, the horns of a goat, the beard of a lion and the tail of a hyena.

Because of this, the dragon became known as a symbol of power and strength, and is usually used as the sign of the king. It also is one of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

Since the dragon has long been so important in Chinese culture, it is no surprise that it also became particularly prominent in Chinese art, and has remained popular since ancient times. This brush rack celebrates the influence of the dragon.

The rack is made of Ji Zhi Wood (Chicken Branch Wood), which is famous for its strength and its ability to let the wood grain show clearly. The rack is intricately and beautifully carved from top to bottom, and has pegs across the top beam to hold eight hanging brushes.

All of this adds up to make a perfect combination of practicality and aesthetic. Not only will the brush rack make a great antique decoration for your home or art studio, hanging your brushes will help them better maintain their shape for longer periods of time.

Available in three sizes, this is the smallest version, and stands 11 inches high. It is perfect for hanging and displaying your brushes with shorter handles, and can be particularly great looking and useful as part of a set of all three racks.