ORCHID PAVILION - Chinese Ornamented Wooden Brush Holder

A decorative item for your study or calligrapher’s room at first sight, this brush holder also serves its original purpose of storing brushes. A new item in our accessory collection this Oriental, hand-made brush depository is made of Chinese Redwood with carved patterns, inspired by traditional Chinese furniture.


Asian Brush Holder / Stand for Sumi & Calligraphy Brushes, hand carved

Decorative elements: Chinese traditional furniture carvings
Dimension: H 6 in x W 5 in x 5 in / H 15 cm x W 12 cm x D 12 cm
Usage: to hold brushes for storage                                                                               More Info: made of Chinese Hongshu Redwood; three legs; fits ten smaller brushes


In Chinese painting and calligraphy, there are different ways of storing brushes adequately. Whereas some brush depositories have purely functional value, this one is a piece of art by itself. A special carving technique is required to achieve the double-wall carving effect. The holder stands on 4 slightly protruding legs and can hold up to ten thinner brushes at the same time. We named it the "Orchid Pavilion" as a tribute to the famous calligraphy pieces of master calligrapher Wang Xizhi.