WILLY THE WEASEL - Large Canvas Weasel Hair Calligraphy and Sumi Brush

An excellent brush made of Weasel Hair with a Large Tip for Calligraphy Writing and Sumi-e Painting

Tip Resilience / Hair Type: Hard Hair
Tip Resilience: Hard
Tip Dimensions: 2.75 in x 0.98 in / 7.0 cm x 2.5 cm
Total Length: 9.8 in / 25 cm
Handle Material: Wood
Usage: Painting and Calligraphy Writing

Willy the Weasel makes a visual impression right off the bat with its bright amber brush color. Though weasel hair is used in many brushes, this brush's particularly round and large tip distinguishes it from other brushes. Most brushes made entirely of weasel hair tend to be smaller.

But the large tip is what makes the brush so special, as it is perfect for large scale calligraphy writing. Being a hard hair brush, the tip is hard, stiff and resilient, so in addition to calligraphy, it is an excellent choice for painting, as well.

Also distinctive is the handle of Willy the Weasel, which is made of wood but has two distinct looks. The upper and lower portions of the wood are painted black, while the middle lets the natural grain of the wood show through. On the natural wood portion, the name of the brush is carved in Chinese.