SWEET SWEEP - Goat Hair Wet Mounting Brush


Typical Chinese soft-tip wet mounting brush to help you apply the mounting paste on the rice or shuen paper with your painting which you are about to reinforce with the backing paper to get rid of all creases and wrinkles so you can frame it.
The bristles are made of soft goat hair allowing to evenly apply the paste on the back of your painting without damaging or harming the paper.
We carry two different sizes of this brush. Please keep in mind you might need a hard mounting brush together with this one.

Goat hair wet Mounting Brush for Chinese painting & calligraphy

Tip Hair Material: Goat Hair
Tip Resilience: Soft
Tip Resilience / Hair Type: Soft Hair
Tip Dimensions:
S: W 5.9 in x L 2.8 in / W 15 cm x L 7 cm
L: W 7.4 in x L 2.8 in / W 19 cm x L 7 cm
Total Length: 
S: 6. 6 in / 17 cm
L: 6. 6 in / 17 cm
Material Handle: Bamboo
Usage: wet mounting of rice paper on backing paper

For wet mounting Chinese paper for painting and calligraphy - often referred to as rice paper - the wet mounting method requires two kinds of brushes - a soft hair brush and a more sturdy hard brush.  

The soft brush is used to apply the mounting paste on the back of the original painting in a first step. The hard mounting brush is used to flatly apply the backing paper in a second step and to get rid of bubbles, creases and wrinkles between the two sheets of paper.

Also, the hard mounting brush is used to tap the backing paper to the paper with the painting so that the mounting paste can reach all areas of the paper and that they really stick together nicely. You can find the related products that go with the soft wet mounting brush such as the hard wet mounting brush and alumn powder in the related product section underneath.