BIG PALM - Palm Fiber Hard Mounting Brush for Sumi and Calligraphy


Hand made palm fiber hard mounting brush used to apply backing paper on the back of a sumi or calligraphy artwork which you prepare in a wet mounting process.

This type of specialty brush is used to remove creases and bubbles between the two sheets of rice paper - the main artwork paper and the reinforcement paper applied via the usage of mounting paste.

Chinese hand-made palm fiber mounting brush with wide tip

Tip Hair Material:> Other Hair
Tip Resilience: Hard
Tip Resilience / Hair Type: Hard Hair
Tip Length:
Wide Brush W 4.7 in x L 1.6 in / W 12 cm x L 4 cm
Round Brush: Dia 3.5 in x L 2 in / Dia 9 cm x L 5 cm
Total Length:
Wide Brush: 4.34 in / 11 cm
Round Brush: 7.8 in / 20 cm
Material Handle: Other Materials
Usage: wet mounting

In the process of wet mounting an artwork paper you want to mount to frame it at a later point or to preserve it in a state without wrinkles and greases, there is a step where the backing paper needs to be applied on the main artwork paper.

After the backing paper is glued to the artwork paper, you have to remove unevenness which comes in form of wrink;les and air bubbles between the two sheets of paper. This is where this brush comes into play. You use it to evenly apply the backing paper to the main paper - by smoothly applying it on the backing paper you remove creases and bubbles by applying soft strokes and you strongly attach the backing paper via a tapping technique.