BIG BABA - Big Canvas Super Large Horse Hair Artist Brush 10 Inch Tip

Extremely large brush with a huge tip catering to the needs of artists who require a giant brush to paint on large canvases.
Despite of having a huge bristle which can hold an incredible amount of ink, the tip is quite sturdy since it is made of horse hair therefore allowing endless strokes of up to several meters. This is not a brush for beginners but for experienced artists or for people who use it as a decorative item. This brush consists of two parts which are screwed together behind the tip.


Tip Hair Material: Special Hard Hair
Tip Resilience: Hard
Tip Resilience / Hair Type: Hard Hair
Tip Dimensions: L 7.87 in x Dia 2.36 in / L 20 cm x Dia 6 cm
Total Length: 32.3 in / 82.0 cm
Material Handle: Hand Carved Water Buffalo Horn
Usage: Huge Script Calligraphy and Big Canvas Painting


This is a very unique hand made paint brush which we added to our product portfolio to offer special brushes for artists with special needs in terms of the dimensions and usability of a brush.

The Big Baba can be stored easily by screwing the long tip off the handle to be better able to carefully store or wash the tip with its extra large orange horse hair bristles which have been carefully placed into the tip made of dark Chinese water buffalo horn.

With is unusually long size, this brush is normally handled by using both hands and serves the creation of large dimension artworks on huge pieces of canvas.

Compared to artificial brushes, this natural products combines the advantages of being able to store incomparable amounts of ink without dropping but at the same time, not becoming soggy but maintaining its resilience due to the usage of finest horse hair.