LI BAI THE POET - Large Goat Hair Calligraphy Sumi Collectors Brush

An excellent brush made of Goat Hair with a Long Tip for Calligraphy Writing, Sumi-e and Fineline Painting.

Please note that this brush is part of our collectors series in which we showcase unique handcrafted products - so we only have limited quantities in stock at a time!

Tip Hair Material: Goat Hair
Tip Resilience / Hair Type: Soft Hair
Tip Resilience: Soft
Tip Dimensions: 3.0 in x 0.7 in / 10.0 cm x 2.5 cm
Total Length: 11.8 in / 39.5 cm
Handle Material: Wood
Usage: Calligraphy Writing, especially for Kai Shu, Li Shu and Zhuan Shu scripts, and Painting

Li Bai is known as one of the greatest poets of the Tang Dynasty, and he had a profound influence on Chinese culture, an influence that has continued to live on to this day through translations and adaptations. In the West, he is often known as Li Po.

Li Bai the Poet is not only named in his honor, but contains one of his poems, Yue Xia Du Zhuo, which translates to "Drinking Alone by Moonlight," carved on its handle.

The brush itself is made of 100% goat hair, which lends it an extremely soft touch. This softness, combined with its long tip, makes for a superbly absorbent brush perfect for calligraphy writing and sumi-e painting.

In addition to containing the beautiful poem, the wooden handle is perfectly contoured to fit an artist's hand to aid in the production of beautiful work, whether it is for calligraphy or painting.

The translation of the whole poem:

Spring Thoughts
Grass at east are growing like green silk;
While mulberry twigs at west are drooping low.
Every time you feel homesick in the frontier,
I can sense your feeling at the same time, and that's when my heart is broken.
O spring breeze, don't sneak into my door,
You aren't the one whom I long for!