DANCING SPIRIT - Extra Large Sumi Calligraphy Collectors Brush

A wonderful and unique handmade collector’s brush made of the finest white goat hair with an extra wide and long tip for large script calligraphy writing and sumi-e painting and a exquisitely handcrafted handle made of Qing Tan Tree wood.

Please note that this brush is part of our collectors series in which we showcase unique handcrafted products - so we only have ONE item in stock at a time!

Tip Resilience / Hair Type: Soft Hair
Tip Resilience: Soft
Tip Dimensions: 5.1 in x 2.75 in / 14.0 cm x 7.0 cm
Total Length: 17.7 in / 45.0 cm
Handle Material: Wood
Decorative Elements: Exquisitely crafted handle with decorative Chinese characters
Usage: Calligraphy Writing, Sumi-e Painting, Decorative Purposes

The value of most brushes usually lies in the quality of their tips, but the Dancing Spirit brush is an exception to the norm.

Created by the famous brush making master Zhou Xiaobing, this fine brush does not only feature the best quality goat hair but Zhou, who hails from Jing county in Anhui province, the home of the world-renown Xuan paper thought about something special.

For reasons unknown, he decided to fashion the handle of the Dancing Spirit brush from the Qing Tan tree, the bark of which constitutes the most important ingredient in the making of Xuan paper. Needless to say, his choice of wood for the handle makes the Dancing Spirit brush all the more precious. The Chinese characters carved on the upper part of its handle, Jing Qi Shen, refer to the "spirit" of the Qing Tan tree.

-- And we have another version of the handle - Hua Li Wood. The use of Hua Li Wood can be traced back to Tang Dynasty and Chinese people love Hua Li's pattern: some patterns look like face or fox which is the most popular pattern in the market!

Not one to do things by half-measure, Master Zhou also insisted on the finest goat hair for the brush tip. He turned to the fertile grasslands of the Yangtze River Delta in central China, where the animals are healthy and strong, resulting in a great source of goat hair for his brushes. The supreme absorbency and softness of its goat hair tip makes the Dancing Spirit brush excellent for both Sumi-e and fine line painting and for calligraphy.