MARIES COLORS - Chinese Painting Watercolor Economy Set of 18

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Medium-sized set of Marie’s Watercolors in the Economy version without gift box but the basic storage box. The 18 colors in this set are of the same outstanding quality which made Marie’s colors so popular even outside China. All colors can be widely used for Sumi-e, Ink and Wash or Fineline brush painting and perfectly mix together or with traditional Sumi-e or Calligraphy Ink - even from ink sticks.

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Volume: 0.3 oz /9 ml per tube
Colors: 18 different traditional Chinese colors
Usage: Chinese and Japanese Painting, Sumi-e, Calligraphy and Fineline Brush Painting

Colors included in his set are:

Rouge (400) ████Cinnabar (398) ████Vermilion (399) ████Light Yellow (242) ████Gamboge (218) ████ Green Label Three (593) ████Purple (439) ████Dark Brown (699) ████Burnt Sienna (684) ████Carmine (390) ████Scarlet (302) ████Black (793) ████Indigo (495) ████ Phthalocyanine Blue (451) ████Lake Blue (455) ████ Blue Label Three (493) ████ Jaddeite Green (511) ████Titanium White (104)

The medium sized version of Marie’s Chinese Painting Color Set is a great and versatile addition to any artist’s studio. Produced by Mali, which is one of the most well-known color makers in China, the set is comprised of 18 very high quality inks that will meet all of your calligraphy writing and Sumi-E and Fineline painting needs.

The quality of these inks comes from the natural mineral raw materials used in them, and the oxide gelatin that is used to process them. These make the colors very durable and resistant to fading. Like many of the inks used in ancient China, they can last for centuries after they are put on paper.

The color spectrum represented by the colors in the set represents the most commonly used colors in Chinese art. Colors have long played an important part in Chinese art, just like they have in Chinese culture. You will have nearly any shade you need in this elaborate set.

Marie’s Chinese Painting Color Set also makes a great gift, especially for someone just starting to work in the Chinese arts!