MARIES COLORS - Chinese Painting Watercolor Economy Set of 12

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This Marie’s Watercolors Economy set is the basic set of 12 colors and includes the most frequently used colors in Chinese brush painting and is a good toolkit start with when you are about to start with Chinese brush painting - no matter be it Sumi-e, Ink and Wash or Fineline techniques.

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Volume: 0.3 oz /9 ml per tube
Colors: 12 different traditional Chinese colors
Usage: Chinese and Japanese Painting, Sumi-e, Calligraphy and Fineline Brush Painting

Colors included in his set are:

Indigo (495) ████ Black (793) ████ Phthalocyanine Blue (451) ████ Blue Label Three (493) ████ Green Label Three (593) ████ Burnt Sienna (684) ████ Carmine (390) ████ Rouge (400) ████ Cinnabar (398) ████ Vermilion (399) ████ Gamboge (218) ████ Titanium White (104)

While there are many color sets available for those producing Chinese art, few have inks that are as high quality as Marie’s. Manufactured by Mali, which is one of the most known and respected watercolor manufactories in China, Marie’s Chinese Painting Color Set - Small is a great set of 12 ink colors that will be extremely helpful to you no matter what project you decide to undertake.

The high quality of these inks is derived from the materials used to make them, including the natural mineral raw material and the oxide gelatin that is used to process the ink. These all add up to an ink that is durable and will not fade over time. In fact, once they are on the paper, the colors can last for centuries, just like ink used in ancient Chinese paintings and writings that have survived. These colors are perfect for calligraphy writing, Sumi-E painting and Fineline painting.

The 12 colors used all have significance in Chinese culture, so you can use them to add an element of tradition to your work. Cinnabar is one of the most beloved colors by Chinese artists since it is a shade or red, which is one of the most important colors in China and represents luck, joy, enthusiasm, passion and morale. Red is seen all over China at festivals, in new homes and is even the traditional color for wedding dresses worn by brides.

Yellow is often paired with red, and corresponds with earth. It also symbolizes good luck. In ancient times, yellow was the color of Imperial China, and was often used to decorate royal palaces.

No matter what kind of art you are working on, you are sure to find everything you need in Marie’s Chinese Painting Color Set - Small. It also makes a great gift, especially for someone just starting to learn the art of Chinese brush painting.

Advantages or Chinese Watercolors over Western Watercolors:
- Mix easily with other water colors and traditional Sumi-e and Calligraphy Ink allowing to create different color shades and mixes
- Perfect choice when being used on Rice or Xuan Paper which is often stretched after painting
- Not pigment based such as most watercolors commonly used in the West but mainly based on natural ingredients such as natural dyes and minerals
- Increased opacity compared to Western watercolors which often tend to be more transparent
- Superior color fastness which explains why many Chinese and Japanese artworks are still brilliant and colorful after decades

Compliance with international Safety Standards:
- The tubes of our Marie's Watercolors are lead free since we only offer the slightly more expensive but original colors in excellent quality - on the internet you can often find fakes or low quality imitations
- All colors comply with international product safety standards such as the European EN71-3 and the ASTM D-4236 regulation of the US
- The manufacturer is ISO9002 certified