Great new product categories and fantastic selection of unique seal stones available now!

How time flies! Our website is online and has been running for 3 months! It has been a fascinating process.
Right now we are still adjusting our website constantly in order to provide you a great user experience and to make our site not only a shop for Brush painting supplies but also a great community where artists share ideas and inspire each other.
From all the positive feedback we collected, we are so happy to know that we are getting closer to realize our dream ;- )
Here I would like to thank you all for your kindness and support as always.

Asian Brushpainter wonderful collection of sealstones

Recently we made some modifications on the site – a lot of new beautiful seal stones were added and we narrowed the product categories down to four main ones: Brushes, Paper, Chinese Art Books and Seal Products. No matter whether you are a calligraphist, a sumi-e or fineline painter, you will find the products that you are looking for.

Asian Brushpainter wonderful collection of sealstones 2