Thanksgiving Sumi-e – Painting Corn in Sumi-e / Ink and Wash

This video is from the Youtube Channel of the Blog Ink, Yarn and Beer which we are following.
The blog is dedicated to Sumi Painting, Knitting and all kinds of witty and soulful observations various aspects of life.
Normally the common subjects in Sumi are peach blossoms, plum blossoms, bamboo and other oriental plants and animals – we thought why not take our brush and pallet to the west and see which objects we could find their, related to Western culture but with an Oriental touch.
Now that Thanksgiving is approaching  we thought we could deviate a bit from the more traditional subjects of Oriental brush painting and share something with you that is related to Thanksgiving by still using the traditional techniques of Ink and Wash Painting as practiced in Japan and China.


Also, since most people will be very busy today and could not find the time for elaborate tutorials, this video is not too difficult so that even beginners can create a beautiful artwork should they have a couple of spare minutes on this family day while they are not busy stuffing turkeys.