MIRROR | Very Bright Chinese Seal Paste-Refill Pack

In the ancient Chinese art of seal stone carving, the seal stones themselves often get all the recognition. And rightfully so, since many of them are intricately and beautifully designed and carved. However, without seal paste, those seal carvings would basically be rendered useless.

Traditionally, red has been the most common color choice for seal paste, because it symbolizes good fortune and joy in Chinese culture. Therefore, the Mirror Seal Paste is an excellent choice to use with your seal carvings, since its vibrant and bright red color will display your stamp prominently and proudly on your artwork.

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Red "Mirror" Seal Paste - for Chinese Paintings, Sumi & Callighraphy

Color: Red
Usage: sign your Oriental artwork with you signature or decorative seal
More Info: Weight: 30 g


"Mirror" is a Chinese Seal Paste in very bright red to refill a seal paste reservoir or a seal paste container.

For centuries, Chinese artists have used the seal carvings they design as stamps. They dip them into seal paste and then apply the paste to their artwork for a unique identifier that works much like a signature. Artists take great pride in a distinctive design that is truly unique.