TWINING FISH - Hand Painted Porcelain Brush Washer Bowl

Simple but beautiful ceramic brush washer or ink container in the traditional color patterns of Chinese tableware. Each time you wash your brush or mix the watercolor, you stir up the gold fish bathing at the bottom of the bowl until another beautiful artwork is finished.

Oriental brush washing bowl with hand painted twining gold fish

Dimension: Diameter x Height: 5.3 in X 1.5 in / 13.5 cm X 4.0 cm
Usage: To contain ink and color / rinse brushes

The "Twining Fish" - Hand Painted Porcelain Brush Washer Bowl is exactly what its name implies, and is used to hold water for washing brushes while painting or writing calligraphy. But instead of just being a plain container used for this purpose, this brush washer is an elegant bowl that will make the perfect decoration for your studio, and will look great both when it is in use and when it is not.

Made of porcelain, all of the decorations are 100 % hand painted, twining gold fish is one of the most important ornaments in China, and can represent immortality, which also has very special significance in Chinese art and Chinese culture in general.

Since the twining gold fish has long been so important in Chinese culture, it is no surprise that it also became particularly prominent in Chinese art, and has remained popular since ancient times. This brush washer celebrates the influence of the gold fish, and it can serve artists not only as a functional tool for their studio, but also as an inspiration for future artworks.