TRIBUTE TO THE EMPEROR - Semi-Sized Triple Shuen Paper


Used by experts for intricate landscape paintings, this is one of the rare Triple Xuan Papers available. Very robust and thick, semi-processed and with low absorbency this is a paper of highest quality which seasoned calligraphists and brush painters will appreciate. It can be used for Kanji and Chinese Calligraphy and all schools of Chinese and Japanese brush painting.

Please note that the writing effect on the paper is not only affected by the material and quality of the paper but also the density of the ink which means that the reference picture could be not showing 100% of the real effect. Sharing the experience and writing result of this product by our customers is highly welcome and appreciated.


Semi-Processed (Semi-Sized) Triple Xuan Paper for Calligraphy & Sumi-e

Paper material: Shuen Paper
Usage: Calligraphy, Fineline, Sumi-e
Processing state: Semi-Processed / Semi-Sized
Dimension: 55.2 in x 28.0 in / 138.0 cm x 70.0 cm
Packaging: Folded


Perfect for landscape painting, the Tribute to the Emperor is a semi-processed paper that is extremely thick and not very absorbent.

When a paper is semi-processed, like this one is, it goes through one additional step than unprocessed paper and has a chemical substance, alum (Ming Fan), spread across its surface. Alum blocks the water absorbency of the paper, and the final absorbency of the paper depends on how much alum is applied. If a very large amount of alum is applied, the paper may be considered processed. You can read more about the differences in processed and semi-processed paper in the Asian Brushpainter Knowledge Base.

In addition to landscapes, the Tribution to the Emperor is also great for fineline painting and calligraphy. Though the paper is listed as three-ply, it is actually two sheets thick, though it is still much thicker than normal two-sheet Xuan paper (hence the three-ply label.) This, combined with the lack of absorbency, makes the paper extremely durable and perfect for landscapes. It will also work well for Encaustics due to its extreme durability.