THE REFINED - Goat Weasel Hair Medium Tip Sumi Sumi Calligraphy Brush


An excellent brush made of Goat and Weasel Hair with a Medium Tip for Calligraphy Writing, Sumi-e and Fineline Painting.

Buying a set (one item per each size) of this brush will save you $3.98.

Tip Hair Material: Goat-Weasel Hair
Tip Resilience / Hair Type: Mixed Hair
Tip Resilience: Medium Soft
Tip Dimensions:
L: 1.69 in x 0.51 in / 4.3 cm x 1.3 cm
M: 1.57 in x 0.43 in / 4.0 cm x 1.1 cm
S: 1.25 in x 0.35 in / 3.2 cm x 0.9 cm
Total Length: 
L: 11.0 in / 28 cm
M: 10.6 in / 27 cm
S: 10.4 in / 26.5 cm
Handle Material: Bamboo
Usage: Painting and Calligraphy Writing

One of the most versatile brushes available, The Refined is a mixed hair brush offering the best aspects of both soft and hard hair.

Made of 50% Weasel Hair and 50% Goat Hair, the stiffer Weasel Hair is on the inside surrounded by the softer Goat Hair on the outside. This provides the brush with a unique combination of resilience and softness that makes it perfect for nearly any kind of project you tackle.

Because of this versatility, the brush is perfect for beginners, whether they are interested in calligraphy script or painting. The Refined can handle any kind of task.

Carved in the beautiful wooden handle is Jing Pin Yang Lang Jian Hao, the brush's name in Chinese. Each end of the handle contains a black accent that gives the brush a striking aesthetic appeal to compliment its wide-ranging functionality.