Ten Tricks in Chinese Sumi-e Painting - Tiger

A painting  book full of valuable sumi-e art lessons. Learn how to paint a tiger with this book


Sumi-e teaching and practicing book for chinese Tiger paintings

Style: Sumi-e
Main Content: Tiger
Edition Information: Chinese, 36 pages, 8.4 in x 11.4 in / 21.0 cm x 28.5 cm, softcover


Ten Tricks in Chinese Painting is a series of books that teaches the essential techniques of Sumi-e. Each book focuses on a different subject, all of which are common in Chinese art and will serve as a good basis for anyone interested in learning to how to make exquisite Chinese brush paintings.

The tiger is believed to be the king of the beasts. Since it is brave, powerful and also dangerous, people fear the animal at the same time they admire it.

Painting a tiger can be a daunting challenge, because of the many different ways they move and the multiple expressions they have. Ten Tricks in Chinese Painting – Tiger can help provide you step-by-step instructions to ease the challenge, and is divided into three sections: General Introduction, How to Draw a Tiger and Example Tiger Paintings. The second section starts with different pictures of tigers, and then analyzes how to draw those pictures down to the smallest detail. After going through the second section and getting a grasp on technique, it is useful to use the third section to study the structure of many tiger paintings before you make your own.

While there are not necessarily ten tricks in each book, the most important techniques of brush painting for each subject will be explored indepth. Additionally, all the information is presented in a very colorful and easy to use manner, making the books enjoyable as well as informative. While great for beginners, the books also will serve to help more advanced artists refine their current painting knowledge.