SIMPLICITY - Set of Chinese Catalpa Wood Paper Weights

Set of traditional Oriental paper weights which are simple without decorative patterns such as carvings or print which is why they belong to our purist products. As all paper weights, this set made of heavy Black Catalpa Wood (黑梓木) wood keeps your paper straight for your ink painting or calligraphy writing.


Oriental Brush Painting Wooden Paper Weight Set for Calligraphy & Sumi

Decorative elements: non - purist and functional
Dimensions: L 12 in x W 1.8 in x H 1.2 in / L 30 cm x W 4.5 cm x H 3 cm
Usage: to flatten paper for painting and writing

More Info: made of Chinese Black Catalpa Wood (黑梓木) wood; Weight 0.9 pound / 400 grams (each)

We like this paper weights because of their simplicity and the way the wood feels when holding it - having a smooth and warm surface - even no pattern is added - the structure of the wood gives each set a unique impression. Together with the "Purist" water dropper and the "Goose Egg" ink slap, this set is part of our series of original Taoist-inspired Chinese brush painting supplies. These tools are to reflect the harmonious relationship between human beings and nature by staying close to their purpose, being function-oriented and using nature-inspired, organic shapes with materials that have not undergone many processing steps.