SHUI NIU- Extra Large Goat Hair Big Canvas Brush (Collectors Series)

Another hand made brush in our series of extra large artist brushes for large script calligraphy and to paint on big canvases. This brush has a soft tip made of very long white goat hair bristles and a composite handle of Chinese redwood and carved Chinese orange water buffalo horn. With a length of over 18 inches it is a specialty brush for artists requiring their brush to hold very large amounts of ink for long strokes or a decorative item for your home.


Large Chinese big script Calligraphy Brush with long Goat Hair tip

Tip Hair Material: Goat Hair
Tip Resilience: Soft
Tip Resilience / Hair Type: Soft Hair
Tip Dimensions: L 6.3 in x Dia 2.0 in / L 16 cm x Dia 5 cm
Total Length: 18.3 in / 46.5 cm
Material Handle: Water Buffalo Horn & Chinese Redwood
Usage: Large Script (Shodo) Calligraphy and painting on large canvases


As its "brother", Tanguns Bear the Shui Niu brush is a beautiful specimen of our newly added extra long brushes which we added to serve artists that need hand made brushes to create artworks on very larges areas or canvases.

Normally brushes which are found in this size are industrial brushes which do not have the characteristics in terms of ink storage and variety in tip resilience a hand made Chinese brush offers. We have all our brushes hand made in several small manufacturers where brush making artisans keep a century old tradition alive and still provide us with the fines brushes that can be found anywhere - even today.

The Shui Niu got its name due to the fact that is exquisite handle is made of premium water buffalo horn which is hand carved and then carefully placed around a shaft of Chinese redwood.
The tip is made up of carefully selected white goat hair with very long bristles allowing for unparalleled effects in your artwork.


Please be aware that this is not an "easy" brush - its handling requires some experience and practice since its bristles are long, soft and due to the total tip volume can store a lot of ink. Usually, brushes of this size are yielded with the use of both hands. Traditionally, this brush is being used to create large script artworks in Chinese callligraphy or Japanese Shodo on paper or wood.