Speckled Shuen Paper "Do It Yourself" Hand Fan-Bamboo Handle


Create your own unique Chinese hand fan adorned with your personal brush painting or calligraphy writing to make a perfect gift. Made of Unprocessed Double Xuan Gold Speckle Art-Paper suitable for Sumi-e, Chinese & Kanji Calligraphy.


Oriental Unprocessed Double Xuan Paper "Do It Yourself" Sumi Hand Fan

Paper material: Shuen Paper
Usage: Calligraphy, Sumi-e
Processing state: Unprocessed / Unsized
S: 5.7 in x 16.8 in / 14.2 cm x 42.0 cm
M: 6.4 in x 19.6 in / 16.0 cm x 49.0 cm
L: 8.0 in x 25.6 in / 20.0 cm x 64.0 cm
Packaging: Comes with a Gift Box
Decorative elements: Gold Speckled Decorative Shuen Paper and Bamboo Handle

Exactly as its name proclaims, the Brush Painting Fan will allow you to create your own unique and personalized version of the famed Chinese fan.

The fan comes in two separate parts, the unprocessed Xuan paper and the bamboo rib (Shan Gu). The paper is particularly soft and absorbent to allow for effortless writing and painting. After you finish the artwork, you can glue the fan to the bamboo and use it as a fan or a wonderful decoration.

The beautiful story behind the fan is that one day the man known as the Sage Calligraphy, Wang Xizhi, came across a poor old lady in a small village attempting to sell crude and undecorated fans. The lady was having no luck selling her fans, so Wang Xizhi felt sorry for her and told her that the fans were not selling because there was no decoration on them, and suggested he put some scripts on her fans.

Though skeptical because she did not know the man, the old lady gave him her fans and he soon returned them when he was finished. The old lady was unhappy because, being illiterate, the scripts looked to her very crude to her, but Wang Xizhi told her to tell her customers that the scripts were made by him, which she did after he left. After that, the fans sold so well that she soon sold out of every fan she had.

The Brush Painting Fan is available in three sizes.