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Premium Unique Rose Quartz Seal Stones

This Seal Stones is Rose Quartz and is useful for carving and chopping on the artworks after it is carved and also perfect for any artist's collection. It is a unique and one in a kind stone. We have only 1 item of each piece!


Seal Stone - Seal Stones | Asian Brushpainter

Stone Material / Type: Shoushan Stone
Stone Body Shape: Natural
Appliable Carving Shape: Natural
Main Stone Color: Yellow
Dimensions: 0.6 in x 0.3 in x 1.2 in / 1.5 cm x 0.7 cm x 3.1 cm
Usage: For Seal Carving, Chopping Artworks, Collection and Decoration
Packaging: Comes with a Chinese Seal Gift Bag, a Chinese Seal Gift Box and a Chinese Seal Display Stand


Premium Unique Rose Quartz Seal Stones