TALISMAN STONE RED - Chinese Oriental Agate Signature Seal Stone

This little gem among our seal stones does not impress by its size but because of its characteristics in terms of color shading and feel. Part of the extremely hard Agate seal stone family which make this type of stone not suitable for novice seal carvers, this stone comes in shades of Rust and Vermilion red with streaks of lighter orange.
The stone is attached to a red Chinese good-luck ribbon. After being carved into a Chinese chop, this kind of stone is often worn in the pocket as a charm or talisman bringing good luck to its owner. Its small shape and hard material make it a stone that needs to be carved by experienced seal carvers. We are happy to custom-carve it according to your needs.

Agate Stone can only be carved into Zhuanshu Scripts and Negative Effect due to its hard material.


Stone Material / Type: Agate Stone
Stone Body Shape:  Natural
Appliable Carving Shape: Natural
Main Stone Color: Red
Dimensions: 0.9 in x 0.4 in x 1.3 in / 2.3 cm x 1.0 cm x 3.2 cm
Usage: For Seal Carving, Chopping Artworks, and Decorative Purposes
Packaging: Comes with a Chinese Seal Gift Bag and a Chinese Seal Gift Box


Please Note:
No two stones look 100% the same. The product images are for reference only. Different stones might vary in shape, color, shading and pattern.