Ten Tricks in Chinese Painting-Peony

Highway to Chinese Painting - Learn the Essential Techniques


Chinese Painting book to learn the essential techniques

Style: Sumi-e
Main Content: Peony
Edition Information: Chinese, 36 pages, 8.4 in x 11.4 in / 21.0 cm x 28.5 cm, softcover


Ten Tricks in Chinese Painting-Peony is a great book for people who want to learn how to paint wonderful peonies which is one of the most common flowers in Chinese painting art in their sumi-e artworks.

It is divided into three sections to help the painter to better understand the painting process.

The first section serves as a General Introduction to brush painting and, more specifically, Peony brush paintings. The second section, How to Paint a Peony, illustrates detailed methods of painting every part of the flower. Finally, the third section provides Examples of Peony paintings by master artists. This section is great to study structure and color composition used in Peony paintings.

The most important techniques to paint this subject may not sum up to ten as its name suggested, but all of them are explored in depth in the book.

Additionally, all the information is presented in a very colorful and easy to use manner, making the books enjoyable as well as informative. While great for beginners, the books also will serve to inspire more advanced artists.