May's Water Paper Book-Xing Shu, Wang Xizhi B

Second volume of our Wang Xizhi Xing Shu calligraphy style series. Both books are dedicated to the xing shu script Wang was famous for and which make his calligraphy artworks the best known ones in Chinese culture. As the first volume, this one is also a traditional water paper practice book - sometimes referred to as magic-paper calligraphy practice book which enables you to fin-tune your writing by repeating the same stroke many times without having to waste paper. This volume is dedicated to Wang's interpretation of the "Sheng Jiao Xu" (圣教序) - originally from emperor Tang Taizong - a famous calligrapher himself. The Shen Jiao Xu is the preface to an Indian Sutra.

Calligraphist: Wang Xizhi
Style: Xing Shu
Edition Information: Chinese, 33 pages, 10.4 in x 7.6 in / 26.0 cm x 19.0 cm, softcover


With the original text of Sheng Jiao Xu written by the Tang Emperor “ Tang Taizong, this note was transcribed by one of China's greatest calligraphists, Wang Xizhi in the Xing Shu script. This note was the preface to the Sutra, which was obtained by the Emperor's brother Tang Xuanzang during a visit to ancient India.

May's Water Paper Books is a series of books which provide one of the best and most convenient ways to practice calligraphy as a beginner or intermediate practitioner. Each book in the series features a famous writing or poem from Chinese history, and allows you to copy it exactly as it should be written to emulate the famous calligraphy style of the respective artist.

One of the most intriguing parts of these books is that they allow you to practice on Magic Water Paper. This paper is actually made of a flannel material instead of paper. Using water instead of ink when you write on the material, your letters disappear two minutes after writing them once the water evaporates. Not only does this save paper, making the books environmentally friendly, but also it provide endless practice for you! The books are great both for beginners learning calligraphy as well as more advanced artists who want to learn different scripts or refine their current skills.