KISSING PHOENIX - Oriental Wooden Hand-Carved Brush Hanger

Large brush hanger made of Chinese Jizhi Redwood (鸡枝木) with carved Chinese Phoenixes. Comes in three pieces which can be easily assembled by plugging them into each other. This rack is also suitable for hanging larger brushes with a length of up to 16 in / 41 cm (including loop).


Chinese Brush Hanger for Calligraphy & Sumi Brushes - holds 10 brushes

Decorative elements: decorative wood-carving of Chinese Phoenixes
Dimension: H 17 in x W 14 in x D 3 in / H 43 cm x W 36 cm x D 8 cm
Usage: to hang brushes for storage                                                                              More Info: made of Chinese Jizhi Redwood (鸡枝木); maximum brush length 16 in / 41 cm (with loop)


Hanging a brush with its tip pointing downwards is the safest and best way of storing a brush and thus maximizing its lifespan. If pointing upwards in storage, bristles which are not totally dried up might fall down resulting in the brush thus losing its tip of which the perfectness can be decisive for certain exquisite strokes. Also, we realized that a lot of brush hangers in the market are quite small which makes it easier to ship them but then they only allow part of your product range whereas some brushes can easily reach a length of over 12 inches / 30 centimeters. We are striving to provide the largest selection of Asian brush painting tools online and therefore always attempt to complete our range with products which could be useful for our clients.