Inference Painting - Myna Bird l Chinese Painting Book

Inference Painting “ Myna Bird is a Chinese instructional painting manual focusing on the myna bird, which has been seen in Chinese art since ancient times. This book includes both - step-by-step tutorials of entire birds or parts of a bird as well as instructions on how to place the bird in his natural habitat.

Chinese Myna Bird painting - Instructional brush painting manual

Style: Sumi-e
Content: Myna, Paradise Flycatcher, Magpie
Edition Information: Chinese, 28 pages, 10.4 in x 14.8 in / 26.0 cm x 37.0 cm, softcover

Inference Painting is a series of books that focus on the techniques for painting popular plants and animals that are staples of Chinese artwork. Geared toward beginners, they start by instructing the student on how to draw the subjects piece by piece. Then, each book goes on to contain a section devoted to great paintings of the subjects by multiple master artists.

After going through the book, beginners will be able to use the techniques they learn in the first part of the book to start working on their own myna bird paintings. The books work well for both Sumi-E and Fineline painting. We recommend using the collection at the end of the book as inspiration for the new works you create.