Inference Painting Crab & Shrimp l Chinese Paiting Book

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Crabs and shrimp are two of those traditional images, and both can be difficult subjects for artists. Inference Painting - Crab and Shrimp breaks down the process of painting both animals into distinct phases so you will be painting these beautiful symbols in no time. Additionally, the book includes a section that contains paintings of crabs and shrimp done by master artists that you can use for inspiration.


Sumi / Ink & Wash Chinese Brush Painting Book - Shrimp & Crab

Style: Sumi-e
Main Content: Crab, Shrimp, Frog
Edition Information: Chinese, 28 pages, 10.4 in x 14.8 in / 26.0 cm x 37.0 cm, softcover


There are many traditional plants, animals and symbols that appear repeatedly in Chinese artwork, and many of these have been painted since ancient times. The Inference Painting series is a resource for beginners learning the craft of painting, as well as more advanced artists who want to refine what they already know.

Each book in the Inference Painting series can be a great resource for nearly any artist, and since they are divided by subject, you can choose any subject or subjects that will best fit your painting needs.