EMPEROR HUIZONG - Brush Hanger Rack and Signature Seal Drawer

This beautifully crafted brush rack is the masterpiece in our collection of hand-crafted brush hangers and brush racks. Allowing to hang brushes on both sides and intricately hand-carved with ornaments and dragon heads it also has a little drawer where you can store your most precious signature chops. We named this brush hanger after emperor Song Hui Zong who ruled during the Song Dynasty because we love his exceptionally skilful calligraphy style.


Calligraphy & Sumi Brush Hanger, Hand Carved Collectors' Item

Decorative elements: Carved Chinese ornaments / dragon heads
Dimension: 18 in x 60 in x 8 in / 46 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm
Usage: Hanging Brushes for decorative or storage purposes
More Info: Holding 5 brushes on each side / Can fit brushes with a length of up to 17 in / 45 cm (including the loop)


When we were looking for a special brush hanger which not only has a functional value of hanging and storing brushes but also is an artistic object by itself, we finally found the "Beauty of Huizong" brush rack and fell in love with right away. It is entirely hand-carved out of Chinese Redwood - a premium type of wood used mainly for furniture - in one of our manufacturers by a master craftsman. The beams are carved with traditional Chinese ornaments, the four corner tips adorned by dragon heads. Placed on your desk in your study, just looking at it will get you into the right mood to start working on your Calligraphy or Sumi artworks. The "Beauty of Huizong" can hold up to 10 brushes and in its little drawer you can store up to 3 signature chops or seal paste.