ELEGANT CRANE - Hand Carved Wooden Brush Rack Stand

This crane shaped hand-carved wooden brush rack is a brush Stand only at second glance. Many of our clients use it as a beautiful decorative element on their painting and calligraphy desk.


Hand carved wooden brush rack for calligarphy & sumi-e Brushes

Dimension: 5.2 in x 3.6 in x 17.2 in / 13.0 cm x 9.0 cm x 43.0 cm
Usage: To hang up brushes
Decorative Elements: Hand Carved Crane


The crane is the symbol of longevity, elegance and decency, so what would better symbolize a brush rack? No ordinary brush holder, the Elegant Crane Brush Rack is shaped, like its name would suggest, like an elegant dark red crane.

In Chinese culture, the crane always is connected with celestial beings, Daoism and noble characters due to its refined temperament and beautiful shape. So not only is it perfect for holding your brushes, it will add the perfect mixture of elegance and beauty to your studio, particularly if you are a practitioner of Chinese calligraphy or Sumi-E painting.

Holding a holder in its beak, the crane can hold two brushes and serve as a perfect decoration on your desk. It comes in two pieces so you can take it apart if need be, which is great if you have to travel and don’t want to worry about breaking it. The ornamental base is also intricately designed to complement the beauty of the crane.