DOTS AND SPECKLES - Medium Hard Tip Mixed Hair Fineline Brush Set

An excellent brush made of Goat and Weasel Hair with a Small Tip for Small Script Calligraphy Writing and Line Drawing in Painting Sumi-e and Fineline.

Buying a set (one item per each size) of this brush will save you $1.98.

Tip Hair Material: Goat-Weasel Hair
Tip Resilience / Hair Type: Mixed Hair
Tip Resilience: Medium Soft

Tip Dimensions:
L: 1.73 in x 0.31 in / 4.4 cm x 0.8 cm
M: 1.45 in x 0.27 in / 3.7 cm x 0.7 cm
S: 1.37 in x 0.23 in / 3.5 cm x 0.6 cm
Total Length: 
L: 10.9 in / 27.7 cm
M: 10.5 in / 26.7 cm
S: 10.4 in / 26.5 cm

Handle Material: Bamboo
Usage: Fine Line Drawing in Painting

What's in a name? In the case of the Dots & Speckles Fineline Brush, the answer is: nearly everything.

Exactly as its name implies, this small tip brush specializes in fineline painting, known as gongbi. As for the dots and speckles, well, just take a look at the gorgeous bamboo handle, which is not only great looking, but also is designed specifically to aid artists drawing fine and dynamic lines. From functionality to pleasing visual aesthetics, this is a brush that has everything.

As for the brush, what you probably notice first is the pure white goat hair, which makes up 70% of the brush. Part of the soft hair brush family, goat hair uses its softness to produce an excellent absorbency that allows the artist to work for extended periods of time. It also helps the brush to apply smooth and fluid brush strokes that help keep the lines consistent.

But the other 30% of the brush is made of weasel hair, tucked inside the goat hair. This is what makes the brush excellent for drawing fine lines, because weasel hair is a hard hair that stiffens the brush. This hair also provides the brush with excellent resilience and elasticity.

In addition to fineline painting, this brush also is perfect for any lines needed in sumi-e painting. The brush can also be used for calligraphy, and is particularly adept at writing small script.

The bamboo handle is relatively long and thin, which allows the artist to have ultimate precision over the lines. The characters carved into the upper portion of the handle are the name of the brush in Chinese.