CHINA BRIGHT | Bright Chinese Seal Paste-Refill Pack

Though seal paste is produced in multiple colors, red is the traditional choice that has been used by Chinese artists since ancient times. And this makes sense, considering that red symbolizes joy and good fortune in Chinese culture, two traits that artists often want to represent in their paintings, and particularly in their signatures.

China Bright Seal Paste is a good choice if you want a red color for your identifier. It is a red that is very rich while still being bright and will provide a great contrast if you are using black ink in your work.

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Bright Red Chinese Seal Paste - traditional paste - refill pack

Color: Red
Usage: sign Oriental artworks with your signature or decorative chop
More Info: Weight: 30 g


"China Bright"  is a Chinese Seal Paste in a bright shade of red to refill a seal paste container or a reservoir.


Seal carvings have been used for centuries by artists who design and carve a unique pattern into the stones. Then, the artists dip the sides of those stones they have engraved into seal paste and then apply that to their artwork. This transfers the etched design onto the artwork, and serves as a unique identifier, or signature, that artists take great pride in.