BIG CRANE NECK - Soft Goat Hair Tip Oriental Calligraphy Sumi Brush

An excellent brush made of Goat Hair with a Long Tip for Calligraphy Writing, Sumi-e and Fineline Painting

Tip Hair Material: Goat Hair Mainly
Tip Resilience / Hair Type: Goat Hair + Hog Bristles
Tip Resilience: Soft
Tip Dimensions: 2.8 in x 0.66 in / 7.2 cm x 1.7 cm
Total Length: 12.59 in / 32 cm
Handle Material: Bamboo
Usage: Calligraphy Writing, especially for Zhuan Shu, Li Shu and Kai Shu scripts, and Painting

Made with the finest Goat Hair, the Big Crane Neck excels in both absorbency and softness.

The hair used in this exquisite brush was produced in the Yangtze River Delta, which has long been known as the best place in China to produce Goat Hair. Because of this, the brush offers an excellent versatility for both calligraphy and painting.

For painting, the brush will serve as a great brush for both sumi-e and fineline painting, and is particularly preferred for Kai Shu, Li Shu and Zhuan Shu calligraphy scripts.

Made of bamboo, the handle of this brush consists of little dark dots that resemble Mottled Bamboo, creating a remarkable visual appeal to compliment the great functionality of the brush.

Carved into the handle is the name of the brush, Da He Jing, which translates to Big Crane's Neck. Along with those characters is Zhou Xiaobing, a famed brush maker and friend of the family that created this wonderful tool.