Big Crafter - Palm Fiber Mounting Brush

An excellent brush made of Palm Fiber with a Flat Tip for Paper Mounting.

Length/Diameter:18cm X 6cm
Handle Material: Palm Fiber
Usage: Paper Mounting

No matter what type of art you are producing, whether it is any type of calligraphy or fineline or sumi-e painting, it won't be complete until it is mounted.

Mounting is a time-honored tradition that not only ensures your artwork will be wrinkle-free, but also that it stand the test of time by not being torn or crumpled. The type of brush you will want to use for your mounting job will depend on the size of your artwork.

With its flat tip made of palm fiber, the Big Crafter, like its name would suggest, is preferable for larger, less meticulous mounting applications. This brush is designed specifically for paper mounting.

A round tip brush typically is used for smaller jobs that require more meticulousness, and for that we also offer the Little Crafter in The Chinese Calligraphist web shop.

After a piece of artwork is mounted, it is then far more durable and therefore easy to display and preserve.