BEAUTY | Medium Dark Red Seal Paste-Refill Pack

For many centuries, red has been the traditional seal paste color because of its importance in Chinese culture. Since ancient times, red has symbolized joy and good fortune, so it stands to reason that artists would want to sign their artwork in the color. Beauty Seal Paste is a wonderful and rich shade of red that makes a great choice as a seal paste.

The "Beauty" Chinese Seal Paste comes in medium dark shade of red and is used to refill seal paste containers or reservoirs.


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Medium-Dark Red Chinese Signature Seal Paste for Calligraphy & Sumi

Color: Red
Usage: sign Oriental artworks with signature seal or decorative seal
More Info: Weight: 30 g


Chinese artists have used seal stones for many, many years to create stamps that identify their artwork. After carving a unique design into the stone, it is dipped into the seal paste that is then transferred to the artwork, creating a kind of signature.

For as long as seal stones have been used, artists have taken great pride in creating distinctive designs that will identify the artwork as their own. At Asian Brushpainter, we have many seal stones and carving knives that can be used to make your own distinctive marker, and Beauty Seal Paste will be a great color to use as your paste.