BABY ORCHID - Weasel Hair Fineline Hard Tip Sumi and Calligraphy Brush

An excellent brush made of Weasel Hair with a Small Tip for Small Script Calligraphy Writing and Fine Line Drawing in Sumi-e and Fineline

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Tip Hair Material: Weasel Hair
Tip Resilience / Hair Type: Hard Hair
Tip Resilience: Hard
Tip Dimensions: 0.78 in x 0.23 in / 2.0 cm x 0.6 cm
Total Length: 9.84 in / 25.0 cm
Handle Material: Bamboo
Usage: Fine Line Drawing in Painting and Small Script Calligraphy Painting

The brush of the Baby Orchid Fine Line Brush may immediately strike you as a little different, and that's because it is. While most brushes made of weasel hair retain the natural amber color of the hair, this brush has been dyed a striking red. Not only does the new color give the brush a beautiful and one-of-a-kind look, it also serves to differentiate the brush from your other fine line brushes.

As you would expect from its name, this brush is perfectly suited for drawing accurate and distinctive fine lines. In addition to its unique color, the brush is set apart by its very small tip that culminates in an extremely sharp point.

Made of 100% weasel hair, which is a member of the hard hair brush family, this brush will continue to keep that point even after many uses because of the stiff hair it is made from. Additionally, this firm hair provides the high resilience necessary to produce firm and dynamic fine lines.

Obviously, the brush works great for fineline paintings (gongbi) and other fineline drawings, but also can work extremely well for certain other applications. While it will not be a great choice if you are working only in very large script calligraphy, this brush is a popular choice for artists that write small script calligraphy. It can be used for the small detail lines of sumi-e painting, as well.

Made of bamboo, the handle of this brush is long and slender, which not only gives it an elegant look, but also is designed to aid the artist's accuracy when working with extremely detailed work, particularly if the artist is working quickly. Carved into the upper portion, the Chinese name for this brush further distinguishes the Baby Orchid Fine Line Brush from other fine line brushes, in addition to giving it a beautiful decoration.