ALLROUNDER - Unsized Single Shuen Paper (Xuan Paper)


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This Unsized (Unprocessed) Single Shuen Paper is part of the Asian Brushpainter “Dancing Grace” Series of high-quality classical artwork papers. It is an allround paper that can be used for both Asian Brushpainting and Calligraphy but our customers also use it for Encaustics.

Please note that the writing effect on the paper is not only affected by the material and quality of the paper but also the density of the ink which means that the reference picture could be not showing 100% of the real effect.Sharing the experience and writing result of this product by our customers is highly welcome and appreciated.

Sharing the experience and writing result of this product by our customers is highly welcome and appreciated.

 Single Xuan Paper unprocessed & unsized for chinese calligraphy

Paper material: Shuen Paper
Usage: Calligraphy, Sumi-e
Processing state: Unprocessed / Unsized
Dimension: 55.2 in x 28.0 in / 138.0 cm x 70.0 cm
More information: This paper can also be used for Encaustics
Packaging: Folded


Dancing Grace is the name given to all paper of a series of Shuen Papers manufactured specially for the customers of Asian Brushpainter.

Like all paper under the Dancing Grace name, the Allrounder is a high quality paper made mostly with bark from the Qintan Tree (Qing Tan Shu, also recognized as Pteroceltis tatarinowii). This bark is widely believed to be the most important ingredient in making the best Shuen Paper.

Because of this, the paper is white, soft and, most importantly, highly absorbent, making it work well with water and ink because it will show different ink effects depending on varying proportions of water and ink.

All of these aspects make the Allrounder perfect for both Calligraphy and Sumi-e painting. Additionally, it can be used for Encaustics, which is the art of painting with beeswax that has color pigments added to it. In the case of Encaustics, the thinner paper works better because it will make the final product more luminescent thus adding to special effects.