Accordion Fold Brush Painting Album - Bronze Cover

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Decorative Oriental Brush Painting and Calligraphy Journal made of Unsized Xuan Paper for Kanji and Chinese Calligraphy and Asian Brush Painting storytelling. Bound in a decorative cover with navy colored background and bronze-colored Chinese ornaments relief pattern.

Xuan Paper Album for Sumi-e Painting and chinese calligraphy

Paper material: Shuen Paper
Usage: Calligraphy, Sumi-e
Processing state: Unprocessed / Unsized
Dimension: 4.8 in x 3.6 in / 12.1 cm x 9.0 cm
Decorative elements: Bronze Colored Chinese Ornamented Cover
More information: This paper can also be used for seal pattern collection

With its carefully constructed and placed patterns, the Handmade Album with Brown Cover of Patterns can be considered a piece of art unto itself before the artist even makes a mark on the inside. All of this is nicely complemented by the vertical orange strip in the upper left that provides a space for a title.

Inside, the Xuan paper is two-ply, unprocessed and unsized. Though it is both soft and absorbent, the paper is also water reserved when the ink hits the page, the shape will be immediately kept, as it is "locked" into the paper so you dont risk the ink running or bleeding into other characters.

All of this adds up to both a gorgeous and functional album that is specifically made for calligraphy writing. However, don't let this keep you trying other forms, the book will work great for Sumi-e writing, as well.